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Why settle for a little bit of blue sky when you could see heaven!?

Your healing session are a gentle, a combination of energy healing, very tranquil, peaceful and soft restorative. It includes guided visualistion and meditation to allow your mind and body to let go – unwind and experience deep healing.This program is specifically tailored to bring the body back into balance and release past trauma.

Week 1 Distress & detox Body Mind Spirit SoulHolistic Facial therapy includes foot reflexology

Week 2 Energy Balance/ crystal colour therapy

Week 3 Healing your inner child

Week 4 Healing the past, cutting the ties

Week 5 Bringing in the new. Visualization and goal setting techniques, bringing in the new!

Everything we experienced up until this point in time has not only shaped our physical bodies, but also influenced our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.Not only do we remember everything about our birth on a cellular level, but also have everything recorded in our brain (cerebral memory)Where there is physical pain there is an energy block, or stagnant chi/ki. If not released the condition will become chronic and more difficult to shift down the track.Depression, fear, reslesness and anxiety seems to be a huge problem with many people. The root cause may be uncovered and released in an easy and save way.

Allow the light of love to guide you.


A complete health and well-being package for the advanced soul!

Transformation at an accelerated pace, activating the healers hands to heal.

30 hours intensive in-house training.

Package includes:

Guided Meditation, Visualisation, Goal setting, Art therapy, Energy healing

Chakra balance, Journal writing, Inner child work, Forgiveness ritual

Spirit guide connection, Past life regression, Holistic skin therapies, Foot reflexology

Crystal healing, Reiki level I/theory/practical application, Reiki I attunement

Practical application and individualized tuition.

"Next step on the Journey package" valued at $ 350.00

This is the program is for those who wish to become healers

* Consultation/introduction to Energy Medicine/discussion.

The treatment aims to engage all of your 5 senses for ultimate restoration of body- mind-and spirit. I use handcrafted, organic products, created with love from the finest ingredients nature has to offer. All products are produced in house for optimum freshness.

* Reiki level I Initiation

* In house teaching/practical application/Instruction how to use this ancient and remarkable life enhancing and life-changing technique.

* For self-healing, and healing those near and dear to you (including pets and plants)

we will conclude with a healing Meditation and of course lots of tea in between!

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