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Breathe easy

Do you ever wonder why you or your family members feel unwell in certain rooms in your home,

or why your child seems particularly miserable without a known cause?

There are reasons. However these are not the normal everyday reasons. These unusual occurrences are termed “paranormal.”

Sometimes a home carries negative vibrations and residual energetic imprint going back hundreds

of years, this can be identified, decoded and released.

There are some people who are able to tap into this energetic imprints and neutralize the effects of

negativity and unhealthy vibrations.

I am one of these individuals, with the natural ability and gifts and I work in this other realm, to see, feel and know other worlds.

It is well known, scientifically proven and documented that we are more than just a physical body.

We are spiritual beings with a life force flowing throughout our entire system. Each cell, each organ, each muscle responds to each and every thought we think. We live in a sea of energies, swirling around us.

Not all of the energies are beneficial to us and we feel these energies by means

of lethargy, insomnia and illness.

You may wish to onsider these possibilities and decide for yourself.

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