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Illumination Crown chakra candle

Pure indulgence soy candle, Violet Singapore Orchid reaching for the stars

Illumination Sacral chakra candle

Pure indulgence of lime and coconut to sweeten your taste for life and increase your passion to create your masterpiece!

Illumination heart chakra candle

Pure indulgence of Tropical fruit and geranium blossom

Soul Medicine Illumination soy candles are available in all the chakra colours.

The second chakra is located in the area of your pelvis and the health of this energy centre will help you to be more spontaneous and also align with your true desires. Opening to greater joy and the ability to accept more pleasures into our life.

When you light your chakra candle focus on opening to closer intimacy in your relationships. Ask for what it is your desire and meditate on this with your candle for 5 minutes each day. Before you extinguish your candle, say thank you, thank you thank you, knowing your request has been received by the Universe and is already being answered. 

Energy healing and vibrational therapy has a most beneficial effect on formulating organic skin care products.

There is nothing in my products which cannot be taken internally. Having tried and tested hundreds of different commercial products over the years, I tested and confirmed;

“ If you cannot eat it, do not apply it on your skin.”

I started mixing facial masks when I was only 12 years old. I used to mix honey and eggs and put it on my face. .....bananas, Cocoa that too!! I still love the idea of raw ingredients packed with nutrition.My love for hand made products lives on.......................

Amazing grace!

Rejuvenating face mask for normal to dry to ageing skin, to combat muscle degeneration and dryness.

Some of the ingredients are Lutein (a carotenoid antioxidant) found in many fruits and vegetables, choline (to calm the nervous system and 

maintain healthy circulation) sulphur, minerals and loads of vitamin and essential oils. This is a great energy booster with the added benefit of antimicrobial, antioxidant, and hygroscopic properties. This helps to reduce scarring, improving tissue growth and cellular repair of the skin.

Another wonderful ingredient is geranium, an essential oil with a delightful aroma known for its healing properties, to soothe stabilize, restore balance and relaxation, body, mind and soul.

This truly is a heavenly gift, packed with nutrition and goodness.

All face and body products are hand-crafted, fresh and made in house, and naturally infused with Love!

Premium Grade Essential oils, herbal and fruit extracts. rose water, oat milk mask, anti-ageing Aloe Vera face rejuvenation Mask, Coco mask.

Skin whitening solutions.

Puffy eyes.

Redness on your cheeks........natural remedies are available.



Solar plexus blend:           Moon Glow

Crown chakra blend:         Violet Diamond

Throat chakra blend:        Truth seeker

Root chakra blend:            Inner child

Gem essences:                   Healing heart and Soul

Oils and essences are        $15.00 plus postage

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