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For I, Usui, am a river, I flow from the past to the future, through many turnings yet, I am that same river in the past, in the present, in the future." Dr. Usui (Founder)

I channel the healing universal life force energy to decode and stabilize the energy field in the human body, thereby releasing

negative energy blocks which if not addressed may result in illness and dis-ease. (Elisabeth)

What is Reiki?

Reiki the greatest secret in the science of energetics

(Hawayo Takata- Reiki Master)

When you receive A Reiki ATTUNEMENT, you are given a key to enlightenment, spiritual guidance, divine comfort and direction on your journey home.

Often I am asked where is home?

As best as I can, I will answer, home is the journey to yourself. Self realisation or self actualization.

Which self are we trying to actualize?

Your true self, the self that is one with all of life. Reiki is the teacher, the healer, the revealer.

“Initiation into higher knowledge is not different from any other kind of knowledge and ability is not a mystery, this knowledge due a seeker cannot be withheld and may not be imparted to anyone not qualified to receive it.

The more perfect the initiate, the more strictly these laws are observed.

Path of reverence:

1.) devotion to truth and knowledge

2.) profound respect leads to people who have studied esoteric knowledge and only a person who has passed through the gate of humility can ascend to the higher spirit. (Rudolf Steiner)

Reiki is not a religion, it is pure cosmic unconditional life force energy.

Hand on healing simply provides for the individual to search for his/her own truth. Reiki is a simple, yet complete healing system which has become very popular worldwide.

Complete, non-invasive, very simple, natural, holistic, and incredibly magical.

“Reiki one of these ancient systems which illuminates your path, heals the individual with steady application, discipline and moderation.”

It is as old as time itself!

Physical-emotional-spiritual-mental, Reiki heals on all levels!

Reiki helps by triggering an intensive process of purification when supported by healthy nutrition can initiate deep reaching organic processes of rejuvenation.

The healing art of Reiki is a practice that restores balance and harmony within the body by transmission of healing energy through the hands of the practitioner. Reiki is not a religion, it is not a cult, and not a form of meditation, however using Reiki increases relaxation which assists the meditation process. Reiki was given it’s name by Dr. Mikao Usui.

Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal life force ENERGY.

Reiki makes way for clear communication with your higher self and opens the gateway to attain self realisation, meaning to realise that self, which is one with God and all creation.

* A tool for self- awareness and transformation

* An amazing complimentary healing system which stands on it's on.

The one permanent thing is the mind of Buddha, which permeates all existence." Dr. Usui

Real Life Workshops (6 hours in-house training) $355 FOR REIKI FISR DEGREE INITIATION.

As a therapeutic technique for self healing and accelerated personal growth, there is little else to equal its simplicity, beauty, grace, relaxation and effectiveness. Many people world wide, and experienced therapists and teachers, report typical success rates of 100 % for any conditions.

“God is love, Reiki is God’s gift to the world."

Energy is a neutral word without religious association or fears about ones relationship with God!

Reiki is a life changing, self healing tool that is with you for always once you are attuned. One cannot learn Reiki from a book as it is an oral teaching passed on from teacher to student.

The attunement process is what makes the individual a Reiki channel. 

I, as a REIKI teacher have consciously and willingly surrendered my life and sole dedication to facilitate this process for the individual seeking same. To become a Reiki channel yourself you must attend a workshop or personal tuition as to receive this attunement, this involves sacred symbols to be placed in the participants major energy centres. 

Reiki II - Distant Healing

* Developing your channelling abilities for higher guidance.

* Helping you to work with spirit guides

* Allowing you to practice absentee healings.

* Your healing abilities will increase greatly.

Even though we are all energetically connected in the joyous stream of life and we experience thought transference on a daily basis it is necessary, if it is your calling, to take the Reiki II course in order to send Distant Healing.

Reiki second degree initiation is $555.00

Here we have a complete energy healing system which works in the same way as calling someone on the telephone or sending an email.

Our thoughts are nothing more than a vibratory pattern which are transmitted by our brains and like radio waves can be picked up by the right receiver. In other words you need a sender and a receiver.

Those who are familiar with Reiki level two know about Distant Healing.

The ability to consciously use ancient symbols to activate and transmit a healing sessions through time and space. This is not just for physical healing but for all situations which need an intervention of a higher order.

It is for those who wish to expand their healing work to heal through time and space, it is distant/remote healing, it is for practitioners, but also for anyone who desires to deepen their understanding of themselves and others.

know your other bodies.

If you are interested in furthering your healing abilities and developing your psychic skills this may be for you.

You will be able to tap into the psychological and spiritual principles that have guided you to make the choices thus far.

Remember it is essential to first and foremost work though your own patterns, heal your own mis-perceptions before you attempt to work with others.

Love, peace, unity, forgiveness, transmutation, transformation.

Prayer is concentrated thought, empowered by positive energy, in the name of the higher beings, focused on a particular outcome, oh please do not blame the source/God/Jesus or the Angels for it is your responsibility to ask to listen and to accept.

I have witnessed many people having gone through a cleansing and purification process as a result of prayer in a church situation. These people are often not aware or prepared for what is taking place within them.

This is not something that happens overnight. This is not something that happens if you have Reiki or attend church and give your life to Jesus, it is an energy adjustment according to the souls development.

Oh, how grateful and humble I am to be walking my path alongside the one.

What divine children of God we are!

For the one who loves me

For the one who loves me

I move mountains.

I shall part the sea.

For no greater love shall ever be,

Then the love that comes from thee

Walking The Talk

If it is control and power issues we are dealing with, we will have the same once we embark on our walk with Reiki. The only difference is we will have the ability to deal with whatever it is differently. We learn to let go of the power struggle and as we begin to realise that the tighter the grip the stronger the resistance the more the situation intensifies.


The only fear people have about the nature of healing through energy and light is the fear they hold within their mind. Reiki is a method of stress reduction that also promotes healing . It is administered by laying on hands.

Lay practitioners have used it for more than 90 years, and its popularity is growing.

As part of hospital service. An important trend is developing in society that will soon create a great demand for Reiki practitioners. More and more people are discovering the value of alternative healing therapies.

A study conducted by Dr. David M. Eisenberg of Boston's Beth Hospital indicates that people in the US are beginning to turn away from modern MEDICINE and makes greater use of alternative health care techniques. The survey concluded that 34 percent of Americans said they used at least one alternative therapy in 1999 and that Americans are spending nearly $1.4 billion a year for this treatment, most of which comes out of the patients pocket.

Clearly a paradigm shift is taking place toward the general acceptance of alternative medical treatment.

It is likely that Reiki not only will but is widely accepted as a valid form of healing.

Think what this means for anyone with a Reiki practice.

With love and respect always,

Elisabeth Egidy

Life coach Metaphysical and spiritual teacher/ Reiki Master

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