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"A good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others." ~ Author Unknown

Workshops are to empower, encourage and uplift the individual and to demonstrate the perfection and immense potential that lies within each soul.

To attend a Reiki workshop is a life changing experience for self- healing, healing others and all life situations.

One cannot learn Reiki from a book, one must attend a workshop as in it’s nature Reiki is an oral teaching passed on from teacher to student. Once upon a time, only very few were privy to such information and initiation.

Today it is possible and indeed necessary for as many souls as possible to accept first of all self- healing and then to administer healing to others.

The saying that few have been chosen I would like to change to: we are all chosen, many hear the call, but few are willing to step out and do the work.

I am more than happy to spend a day just with you and give you VIP treatment, or perhaps you would enjoy a group gathering.

The attunement process is what makes the individual a Reiki channel so attendance is necessary to accomplish the initiation process.

I am a clear channel to facilitate this process whereby sacred symbols are placed in the participants major energy centres (charkas). This process will purify and guide the individual to a high vibrational energy level which alters perception and attitude assisting the participant on his/her journey.

Reiki level I, is the entry level and acts as an opening to ones true path to attaining enlightenment.

The workshops are held over a period from 1-3 days in my healing practice.

The Reiki resonance-active healing workshop I offer is unique, as much as I honor and respect the traditional method of teaching Reiki, I have through divine guidance integrated much more.

So often I have calls from people who have been attuned to Reiki and really they are not sure how to practice, nor if they are doing it right. I explain about the pathway whereby the chi/ki is channeled, I teach about charkas, channeling and much more.

This course includes guidance on how to connect with the Angelic realm, your guardian Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters. Each participant will receive a workshop manual and certification.

COMING UP WORKSHOPS                   

REIKI I- Entry level

Reiki is as ancient as time itself. A complete healing system which promotes self-responsibility, steps to enlightenment and the ability to work on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical planes. In level one participants learn the history, philosophy and basics of treatment.

Suitable for all. Gift your Mother, your Father, bring a friend, or just come along yourself!                                           


There are ways to access our inner child. Some say, the inner child is the ego, so perhaps that would explain why adults throw tamper tantrums! I have found this work to be one of the most valuable tools in my own healing and transformation from pain to power!

Through this workshop you will gain personal insight to help uncover deeply buried patterns created in your early childhood, which will enable you to then move beyond fears and doubt and accept who you are today.

It is liberating and I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is a parent. Old issues surface from our own childhood and are often mistakenly and innocently projected onto our children. Taking this step to heal your own inner child may be your next step on your personal journey; it may certainly be the greatest step you take toward emotional freedom! 

Awaken your inner goddess, Egyptian initiation and story telling.

As a holistic therapist and workshop facilitator, I have the pleasure to interact with many women from all walks of life and I have noticed a common theme runs through most of them.

We forget to listen to the harmonious sounds that whispers guidance into our ears, we become detached from the core of out essence, the love in our hearts and the melodies in our soul.

This workshop is designed to connect with the feminine aspect within our being.

What can you expect by attending this workshop?

Wonderful surprises await you, for there is nothing more delicious then the realization of the true self and the many facets and aspects of our creative self. Like a diamond, brilliantly we shine, and as we allow the barriers to be removed, and the layers to be peeled away, we begin to emerge sparkling with a new sense of clarity and purpose.

The day commences with a deep mother earth meditation., there we will meet our spirit guides, the ancient ones who have walked before us.

You will receive a Seichem initiation to open your heart chakra.

Seichem is said to be the female counterpart to Reiki. Just as the male is our counter part, not in opposition but in harmony and balance with the feminine, when we merge the two we begin to expand. Expanding the energy, it is complimentary to and supportive of a Reiki healer.

Spirit will guide us into the sacred journey throughout the day, back to Egypt, to Atlantis to other places, situations and ideas.

I personally work with the female Buddha Qyan Yin, Mother Mary and Isis.

The knowledge and guidance received through channeling and communication with the Angelic realm, spirit guides, and ascended Masters helps us to bridge the gap between heaven and earth, between past and present, which in reality is all one.

Bridging the gap between here and there.

Be open to lift the veil that separates you from the heart of God, the spirit of Christ and the healing of your soul, your holy self!

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