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Children as our teachers. Here are some Insight into the new generation kids.

“The Crystal and Rainbow Children” and the gifts they bring to us.

I understood at a very age the correlation between Body-Mind and Spirit. It was not something which was taught or given to me.

My family remind me often how I used Nivea cream on my tummy to heal a headache, I also confused everyone when I said I saw tree Angels and spirit guides.

I found it much easier to communicate with the non -physical rather than with people.

As a result I developed a speech problem. It has been said, we all have a special gift and purpose to share here on earth. Mine is to teach about living in peace and harmony with all living things.

This teaching and learning has prepared and aligned some of us with the new generation children termed “Crystal and Rainbow Children.”

As the term implies, they are drawn to crystals and love painting Rainbows.

Who are these children who are their parents? What are their unique attribute and how do we care for them? Much research has been done, by thousands of parents who are dealing with these highly evolved children.

As much as the previous generation (born around 1975 Indigos) were misdiagnosed with ADD or ADHD medicated and ridiculed for their sensitivity, their brutal honesty about the injustices on the planet, they have paved the way for a more loving world, and it is this highly creative group of souls who are birthing the new Crystals and Rainbows!

As much as the world looks as if it is more chaotic than ever, we are actually reaching up and transforming the planet, individually and collectively.

To achieve our goal of a new world it is of utmost importance that parents and child care givers are aware that “these new kids on the block” are our teachers. If they do not eat certain meals, it means the food is not what is best for their highly evolved spiritual mind and bodies. They will simply refuse and not eat at all.

A lot of young children are naturally vegetarians, please understand their mission and find alternative foods. A number of children suffer with eczema and psorisis, that is the result of incorrect diet and harsh cleaning products.

Listen to your child. Ask your child what it needs, it knows! These highly evolved souls communicate with their guides and are very intolerant of dishonesty and manipulation. They know!!

Look into their eyes, usually large and wide they see right trough you.

These children love to talk about Angels and God, they love Jesus as he loves them. They have a clear understanding of their purpose here on earth. In a sense, they have come to remind us of forgiveness and unconditional love.

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