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“He made me feel unhinged . . . like he could take me apart and put me back together again and again.”

Chelsie Shakespeare

“For truly we are all angels temporarily hiding as humans.”

Brian L. Weiss

Who are we really? Combinations of common chemicals that perform mechanical actions for a few years before crumbling back into the original components? Fresh new souls, drawn at random for some celestial cupboard where God keeps an unending supply?

Or the same soul, immortal and eternal, refurbished and reused through endless lives, by that thrifty Housekeeper? In Her wisdom and benevolence She wipes off the memory slates, as part of the cleaning process, because if we could remember all the things we have experienced in earlier lives, we might object to risking it again.”

Barbara Michaels, The Sea King's Daughter


he tears were flowing and the sensations she explained were weird.

It was not your usual kind of regression or hypnotherapy session, it was not scheduled in, there was no appointment as we understand it.

It was a regression that began over lunch with a lovely friend and her daughter. Both whom I have known for many years. The was anxiety.

The feeling between the child and myself has been without a doubt, form another time. A deep love, a deep bond had formed many years ago. We were sisters in another lifetime, I was her older sister, she died as a little girl. She recalled running through the fields with me..........................

Turning back the hand of time by Elisabeth Egidy

It is absolutely possible to turn back the clock. To gain insight into that which causes conflict and pain, physical or emotional. Ultimately all physical illness has its roots in the emotional body. As our thoughts create our emotions and our reality, so do our life situations reflect back to us what has gone before. The world is need of healing but essentially healing begins with the possibility that it is indeed possible to do so.

More than ever people are reaching out to find ways in order to heal from past trauma, of known or unknown causes. Planet earth is in dire need of healing and it must begin with the individual to raise the vibration from the level of fear based to love based.

Where to begin, where to begin??

Past life regression is a marvellous way to unlock the doors to greater insight for deeper and more complete healing.

It is not necessary for us to understand our past, to heal any past traumas, which may be keeping us trapped in unhealthy patterns often self- defeating and dis-empowering in order to step into the future, refreshed, renewed, with clarity and deliberate purpose.

Whether you are challenged with currently either in the area of health or finance, romance or finding your life purpose. A past life regression to unlock some doors is a highly beneficial and highly prized investment for your future.

Past life is a healing method whereby you are in a relaxed, in that altered state of awareness you may recall and often re-experience former life times. This therapy session allows you to gain insight and support you on your current path.

Past life therapy is a valuable tool and coupled with healing time you will feel cleansed renewed and transformed. With me, you are always protected as I am responsible and highly regarded in my field.

Liberate yourself by giving yourself the gift of freedom by taking the first step, healing that which causes you pain.

With love always,


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