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Living through our heart centre and being heart centred is the key to personal progress. Reiki being a science in energetic medicine has the ability to change our DNA.

LIGHT RAYS HEAL AND PURIFY. Reiki is the complete healing system administered by laying on of hands to purify and transform at the cellular level. In essence Reiki is unconditional love, the essence of who we are in truth. When we learn Reiki, we begin our journey back home to the source of all creation. We begin to understand that God being love is a the centre of our life. Using Reiki on a regular basis the individual begins to deepen their understanding of life and the mysteries that lay beyond the veil. Reiki is healing transformational energy vibration and when we use this healing energy anything unhealed will re-surface. Reiki is about acceptance and peace. Reiki is the teacher we are the facilitators for this ancient healing system. Acceptance through gratitude and self-love.

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