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Spiritual guidance/Mercury retrograde

Hello my name is Elisabeth, thank you for visiting my website and reading my blog posts.

Living in the third dimensional world. Do we always need the last word? Being right versus feeling peace.

We will always get an indication as to when we are coming from the lower vibration and fear by how we respond to others. We use the word ego in a flippant kind of way; but in truth the ego is easily recognizable by our actions.

When we are unkind to ourselves we will be unkind to others, the ego sets out to hurt and injure. The ego is the critic and always, always wants to be right.

Loving is so much easier, no need to argue, or fight, making someone or ourselves wrong. This kind of mindset is not beneficial to raising the vibration in the individual and if it is not beneficial for the individual it cannot serve the collective whole.

So once again my favorite Beatles song comes to mind:

"All you need is love!" As soon as you come back with but, but, but it won't pay the bills, or resolve the many issues in the world, you have stepped back into fear and therefore are resonating with the lower vibrations of the ego. Stay with love, think with love, send love to those who have injured you, and to those who are injuring others.

Our mission or ministry is and will always be supported if we are in alignment with the higher power. "Thy will be done, thy kingdom/queen Dom" come is a very beneficial affirmation, and an affirmation is only something we focus on consciously and we do it with less potent words all day long. I am really feeling the upcoming mercury retrograde already; paperwork is needs to be reviewed, things we haven't completed need to be re-visited, perhaps re-done.

Old friendships re-paired, burned bridges re-stored. Old fears, RE-LEASED!!!!!!

As we look over our shoulder once again the past is going to creep back in, old relationships, perhaps re-newed; some of those that were not completed through Karmic implications healed once and for all.

We can walk away and even move to the other side of the world, but we can never ever get away from whom we are, that we take with us wherever we go.

Re-laxing, re-visiting old stories we have told ourselves and believed may need to be re-written. Mercury does rule communication and with some aspects of Gemini in my planetary chart communication is my gift.

Not always articulate as I used to stutter as a child and therefore became very self-conscious and somewhat restricted in my communication, however I have honed my skill and always improving my second language that is English by learning more and more about the correct use of this language.

Mercury retrograde (feel free to do your own research, as I am not an Astrologer) helps us to be more correct in using our words. Words may heal words may also destroy. I will be very mindful the next few weeks as communication over this period of time may be misunderstood.

There may even be communication breakdown in our relationships.

Keep calm and RE-FOCUS paying attention to detail perfecting and re-fining your intentions. I am totally excited about this opportunity as I love to move into each day with a clear and clean conscious state of mind, body and spirit with the understanding that I have given all I could and done all that was in my power in any given moment With that mindset there are no sleep-less nights, but only peace and love-more days.

Very joyous and blessed to be living at this time on the planet where so much light is needed and I have so much light to give.

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