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What is a chakra?

 We all have a vital energy system within us; these chakras are like pools of water. However this idea of chakras is not exclusive to the ancient teachings of India, even though Yoga practice is strongly associated with developing and opening the chakras, there are many other text which talk about vital points of power in our energetic body. The charkas are our vital energy system which are like computer programs with a vast storehouse of information which can be traced all the way back into ancient times. As an energy healer and metaphysical teacher I facilitate this cleansing process whereby I assist in releasing negative emotions to alleviate pain and prevent dis-ease. The word says it all. Dis----ease. Not at ease. Not relaxed. 

Our thoughts create our reality. The stronger the attachment to a thought and emotion the stronger the energy. 

You chakras are wheels of energy. In their perfect state they move clockwise flowing and distributing energy that has been accumulated over time. Energy is neither good nor bad, however your body will let you know through symptoms where there may be a block or stuck energy. It is your thoughts and the emotion attached to those thoughts that produces energy. A positive thought equals positive energy. Negative thoughts, ditto!


It is your point of inflow. Energy comes from above and flows down and out through your base chakra connecting you to above and below. The colour associated with this chakra is violet and gold. To maintain stability and openness to the goodness of life: It is the gateway to communicating with your higher self, you’re all knowing all wisdom self which is in constant communication with the creative principal or God or the Universe. Whatever feels comfortable for you use that. I often hear from people that they believe there is no God they believe in nothing, I think to myself but life believes in you. We belong to a supreme being, the governing force of all that is. We are all part of that power. Often depression, dizziness, insomnia, headaches, mental illness and tumors are the result of an imbalance in the crown chakra.

Not feeling connected or being able to communicate with something or someone greater than ourselves may leave us feeling alone and separate. Balancing your crown chakra is very beneficial and helpful in opening the gateway for the immense light and power of the universe to flow through you.  Judgments and being analytical is another aspect that may weaken this energetic gateway.  To keep it open and flowing, practice meditation, practice gratitude, and the hardest lesson of them all, detachment. The more you let go of attachment the more the vital life energy will flow through you. It is beneficial to use lavender oil, add the medicinal sweet violet herb, use amethyst crystals, pray, have an energy healing or chakra balance.

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