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There are times for passivity and then there are times for action. There are times to plant the seeds and then there are the times to harvest the fruits of your labour. 6 years ago, I did a great deal MORE of thinking and prayin, and wishin and hopin...............those wishes, those hopes and those dreams, many of them have come to fruition. In the picture you see images of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael. My beloved companions. Through great effort, dedication and ...endless words of gratitude it is done. Never give up on your dreams, your dreams that is. You cannot make someone else's dream come true. We are all responsible for our thoughts and emotions, actions and reactions. Today, at least 100 times say: THANK YOU LIFE! Many times I have been told to face reality, stop dreaming, stop believing in the fairy tale, but you know what, we get to choose. Which way. The way of love and hope of a better tomorrow, or the way of hate and destruction. I am not wearing rose coloured glasses, nor am I blind to the pains of this world. To the contrary, I see so clearly, and what I see is hope and peace. "Thank you life for everything, the good, the bad, the ugly and the sad." Years ago I gifted a book to someone I was thankful for. 6 years later the same book came back to me, gift wrapped with these words: "Thank you

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