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We have arrived, the full Moon/Lunar eclipse in Pisces is upon us. I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW MANY Pisces I HAVE SEEN OVER THE LAST COUPLE OF WEEKS, clients who were booked weeks ago and clearly they had no idea how profound a healing would be at this time for them.

The other interesting thing was the Libran/Pisces connection. I have had a fabulous time with you all!!!The Universe shows us all the time what step to take next. Many Pisceans coupled with Librans.

The Solar eclipse on the 1st of September was in the 7th house for Pisces, this house is ruled by Libra. This is the relationship factor. It has been an amazing couple of weeks for me professionally. Thank you beautiful souls who came to see me during this time of powerful vibrational heightened time for healing.

The full Moon today is a super Moon, meaning it is more potent then the monthly Moon cycle we experience. Whatever you have noticed in recent weeks leading up to today in regards to strong held negative emotions, self-sabotage, limitations you have imposed upon yourself, today you have an incredible opportunity to flush them out of your system once and for all. Mercury in retrograde mode, we have already re-visited the past and wondered why on earth this old story has crept in again, same people, same old. same old. We are tired of this and it is really time to do away with it. These old stories, they have come forward for a reason, wounds re-opened have now the chance to truly heal once and for all so that we can move forward individually and collectively. The Pisces energy is soft and naïve, gentle and compassionate, Allow these attributes to come to the surface, allow yourself to be gentle with yourself, allow compassion and understanding for the child within. The Lunar eclipse hiding the light of the Moon for a few seconds or minutes, therefore interrupts the process and so the old is no more. Work with this powerful energy and reveal to yourself that which you have so long hidden out of fear that if it was gone you could not go on, you can!!! Begin anew, start afresh. With Jupiter in Libra, balance is coming to the world, justice will prevail, mix this with the Piscean HEIGHTENED SENSE OF INTUITIVE POWERS AND SPIRITUAL AWARENESS............this is  a wonderful day and many more are yet to come. Happy weekend and thank you for the ongoing support and love!!

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