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I hope you celebrate the full moon/lunar eclipse well yesterday, last night. What an auspicious time for us all on the planet. Amidst the unrest on the planet we are still opening our hearts and maintaining faith for a better tomorrow. The Lunar eclipse/full Moon in Libra yesterday may have revealed many aspects of our shadow self to us, giving us clarity about what has occurred in the past in regard to "matters of the heart" family life and romance. These energetic imprints and wounds the heart has accumulated over many, many years may have been revealed to us over the last few weeks, even month, and now have come into full view for us to see and feel yesterday. Keeping our heart open and remembering the more often our heart is broken, the bigger it will become to embrace more and more souls into it. The energy could not be more amazing for us to practice forgiveness and unconditional love even though there is unrest and heart ache/break throughout various places on the planet. Easter representing new birth, a time to fertilize the ground and planting positive thoughts to create something fresh, vital and wonderful. Water it with a dose of daily love and gratitude. Having laid to rest that which no longer serves our spiritual growth will pave the foundation for that which will. Planting new seeds for a wonderful harvest in time to come. I am looking forward to colouring eggs for my family and friends before Easter Sunday. So excited!!!! All my love to you xox

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