"Happy tears taste the same as sad tears, because all tears come from the ocean of love!" 
                      Your life tells a story and the story is written by none other than yourself. Sometimes the pages are faded and the chapters come to a close, this is the time when feelings of  fear or uncertainty may rise to the surface bringing the awareness that certain aspects of your life  you may have outgrown, no longer need or simply don't want to keep. If we do not listen to our feelings and emotional reactions to life's circumstances the body will soon let you know. Physical discomfort and pain is your bodies way of getting your attention. There is nothing to fear if you understand that your physical body has limits and is simply telling you to re focus and realign with the true nature of your being. You are far more than flesh and blood, you have an energy system that is precise, no different form the entire solar system. Reconnect to who you truly are and restore your vitality and balance to your physical body through integrating the understanding that you also of a non-physical light body. 
Healing Heart and Soul. Indian Head Massage Package includes chakra clearing, balancing and chakra intuitive card reading.
All inclusive $ 210.00
 This session is based on an ancient technique used thousands of years ago. Traditionally it was given while the patient was sitting, I prefer to allow my clients to be in a comfortable laying down position, to further induce relaxation and comfort.
                       Due to working with the upper chakras energetically and at the same time working on the physical body, it is one of the most relaxing and highly beneficial types of HEALING THERAPY you will ever experience. 
Most suitable for headaches, to improve your memory, stress release, hair loss, neck and or shoulder tension.
Massage techniques are used to relax, stimulate and regenerate. It will help to increase blood circulation and deliver oxygen and nutrients to the area. 
The effect of this is to help stimulate hair growth and balance the right and left brain which helps spiritual enlightenment.
“The return of the Son of God would be as “ lightening from east to west.”
                  Enlightenment from the right hemisphere to the left bringing understanding of ourselves and the cosmos in which we live.
The hippocampus of the brain is responsible for our memory, and in the centre of the hippocampus of the brain is an organ called AMMONS HORN, another name for Ammons is Amen.
I work with the energy that sustains all life form in the universe. As above- so below.

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